Swagman XTC

I spent many a hour looking/researching/contemplating on the next rack I should get after my last one suffered an epic failure.

I have a Mazda 3 sedan and my concerns were:

-I have an expensive and heavy freeride bike.. which bent my last rack.
-My bike is oddly shaped (2007 KingFisher) and hangs on those “racks” very awkwardly… maybe this lead to the rack bending in the first place?
-With the sedan, the bike isn’t shielded from the wind like a SUV.
-I drive 45 min on a regular basis to the trails I like at 65+ mph.

Putting it all together was easy peezy. Impressed with the construction. Went for the XTC since I have a semi steep driveway and was skeptical whether the XC would scrape.

Swagman XTC mountedOnce you have the wheel slots lined up. Putting the bike on is so simple its stupid. Makes you feel like you should do something more.. but that bike isn’t going ANYWHERE! Enjoy the ratcheting system and the fact you can lock your bikes in. (locks not included)

Set my two wheeled, 40lb, 8″ of travel fun onto the rack and set off for the trails. Cruising along at a cool 65 I was soon satisfied with it’s stellar performance. Very little movement. Mozied along going 75mph now. Within 15min of arriving there was the infamous bridge crossing that when taken at the speed limit 65mph will make a noticeable bump up onto the bridge followed by a vicious bump off.. (did my last rack in)

In the spirit of science I took it at 85mph. Very impressive! Very sturdy indeed!

Kept a ratchet in the trunk to take it off once I got to the trails, I would advise getting a lock washer when putting the threaded bolt through.. I’m sure it won’t come loose without one.. but it provided peace of mind for me.

Final Note: Great bike rack, very glad I got it! I used other bike racks and always found myself looking in the rear view mirror to see how the bikes were doing… not anymore! They’re staying put!

Product Features

  • Transports up to 2 bikes
  • Fits 2″ and 1 1/4″ hitch receiver
  • Built in anti-wobble hitch device
  • Now with new push button ratcheting arms
  • Center arm folds down to allow access to the rear of vehicle without removing the rack

Swagman XTC